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Experience a new way to enjoy exercise

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Experience a new way to enjoy exercise with DRAXfit.

Experience the sports science-based artificial intelligence fitness platform without limits at DRAXfit. DRAXfit, which integrates everything in a fitness center from exercise guides to facility use, records and analyzes users' exercise data to help them exercise effectively and use the center anytime, anywhere.

Adding innovation to fitness.

Enjoy a digital manager and futuristic fitness center in the palm of your hand. With the system managing all processes needed for center use, including member registration and management, automatic center access, locker assignment, exercise guidance, and payment, both operators and users enjoy a more joyful and convenient experience.

  • Center Management System

    HIRAX's system is applied to all aspects of using and managing the center, including automatic door control and access control, kiosk and locker allocation, and member management.

  • Exercise Monitoring

    AI RAX records and monitors everything about today's exercise, including the number of exercises, intensity, and order. You can also check the exercise you did today through the DRAXfit app.

  • Center Facility Management

    You can control complex situations such as facility congestion and user status, and even manage classes and make payments.

  • AI Exercise Guide

    AI RAX analyzes individual comprehensive measurement data and exercise performance data to provide updated exercise guides. After completing the exercise, you can check your guide achievement rate through the app.

  • Mobile apps

    Using the DRAXfit app, you can more conveniently check out vouchers, sportswear rentals, and personalized exercise guides.

AI Fitness guide ‘AI RAX’

Now, manage with data, not feelings. Sports science-based artificial intelligence 'AI RAX' provides customized exercise solutions just for users based on big data and machine learning. It is a program that is updated daily according to comprehensive measurement data, exercise purpose, and performance ability, so if you exercise according to the guide, you will naturally become a healthier and more energetic version of yourself.

draxfit app

With DRAXfit Platform

The DRAXfit platform is operated by integrating cutting-edge digital control equipment such as DRAX's IoT exercise equipment, access controllers, digital lockers, kiosks, and digital vending machines. A cloud-based platform that escapes space constraints and DRAX's exercise equipment that increases efficiency and reduces the risk of injury through ergonomic design combine to provide the smartest exercise experience ever.

Experience a new way to enjoy exercise with DRAXfit.